As its name may suggest "Commanders" is a wargame. But forget about long hours of moving hundreds of tokens on a huge map using dozens of tables with modifiers. "Commanders" uses a straightforward system which enables a battle to be fought within 1 hour giving you the excitement of commanding a real army without any downtime. In order to win, you have to outsmart your opponent, you have to plan ahead, and you have to execute orders with speed, with determination and a little luck.

What makes "Commanders" quite different from other games of its kind is simultaneity of all actions, simple, elegant design and an amazing variability on mere 9 spaces of the battlefield. Infantry, cavalry and artillery clash with each other led by the unforgiving commanders who will use their troop's strengths to their best advantage. A little breach on the other side of the battlefield can lead to a major offensive, situation is constantly changing, units charge, retreat and flee and sometimes it may be hard to tell who is winning until the battle is over.

Game overview
Number of players: 2
Recommended age: >12
Duration of the game: 60-120min
Difficulty: medium
Included components: Rule book (Czech language), double-sided game board, player's screens, 92 cardboard units, dice, order sheets, selection of tokens, pencils

Below you can find and download the New English Rulebook and Rules Reference Sheet.

Game rules in English (A4 format)

Order sheets

Rules reference sheet (A4 format)

If you want to fit the rulebook into game's original box, print the data located below.

Game rules in English (box size)

Rules reference sheet (box size)

In order to comfortably use the game you might want to replace original texts and tables on the players' screen with the new ones. The design avaiable here can be printed on a sticker and transfered directly on players's screens.

Players's screen content (screen size)